PHOTO CAPTION: Hero Leap Hybrid electric motor scooter.

Hero Debuts Leap Hybrid-electric Motor Scooter

Leap hybrid scooter uses an 8 kW electric motor coupled with a 124 cc petrol engine, giving it a range of 340 km.

Published: 03-Feb-2014

Two wheelers are widely popular in India. In a country where potholes cover half the road and fuel prices that sky rocket in the blink of an eye it is vital for the everyday Indian to select an ideal mode of transport. Some may go for the more expensive diesel cars or low capacity geared bikes but the most popular choice is the automatic scooter. Automatic scooters offer a hassle free ride with more than adequate fuel efficiency,

Manufacturers such as Yo Bykes even offer electric scooters. One of the main drawbacks of an electric scooter is that the maximum range of the scooter with full charge would only be 70 km. Top speeds are also a serious issue with most electric bikes having a top speed of only 45 km/h. In cars, this issue was resolved with the use of hybrid powertrains. Hybrid vehicles utilized both fossil fuels as well as rechargeable batteries to strike the perfect balance between the two modes of energy.

Hero has unveiled their first and India’s first hybrid electric scooter. Known as the Leap Hybrid SES, the hybrid scooter uses an 8 kW electric motor coupled with a 124 cc petrol engine. An on board Li-Ion battery supplies the electric motor with power. The petrol engine acts solely as a range extender that will be employed when the charge drops to a significantly low level. Initially showcased at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo as a concept, Hero has worked long and hard to develop the Leap Hybrid SES into a production ready model. The Leap also uses front and rear LEDs. Weighing in at 140 kg, the Leap has a total tank capacity of 3.0 L that gives it a maximum range of 340 km.


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