BMW i3 Sales Stun Analysts

BMW in US reports it already has some 1,200 pre-orders for the i3 electric car, which won't go on sale until Spring of 2014.

Published: 02-Feb-2014

Sales of the BMW i3 electric car are exceeding company expectations. In the U.S., where the car will not even be available until May, the German automaker reports 1,200 pre-orders on the books, while sales outside U.S. markets stand at 11,000 units. BMW sales head Ian Robertson reported the data to global media sources and added that the huge majority of the car’s buyers are coming from non-BMW brands. By July, BMW hopes to sell the EV in Asian markets, though current wait times in Europe are approaching six months due to the model’s unexpectedly robust popularity. Currently, the company produces the i3 in Leipzig, and aims at an initial annual output of 10,000 units. That figure is likely to increase if demand trends hold.

View the video interview above for a detailed discussion about the i3, with none other than the car’s designer, Benoit Jacob. He heads up the BMW i Design team. In addition to plenty of on-road footage of the i3 in action, we get close-up shots inside the vehicle, along with interesting explanations from Jacob. The automaker wanted to retain much of the BMW signature design elements with the sporty-looking EV, but at the same time sought to break out of the box and arrive at a new look and feel for a BMW electric car.


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BMW i3 electric car.

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