UK Gov't Invests £9 Million In Increased Electric Car Charging Infrastructure

Expansion of current 6,000 charge point system in Britain will include addition of 140 fast chargers that can enablers drivers to recharge their EVs in as little as 30 minutes.

Published: 02-Feb-2014

The government has announced it will be investing £9 million into the UK's electric vehicle infrastructure. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said it would use the money to increase the number of charging points, making ownership of the zero-emission vehicles 'possible for everyone'.

'Hundreds more' charging points will be built across the country, 140 of which will be of the fast-charging variety. These 'superchargers' allow an electric car to go from empty to fully-charged in around 30 minutes.

The government hopes adding to the 6,000 charging points already in the UK will help cement our position as a global leader in electric vehicles.


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