Sequoia Equities, NRG Partner on EV Charging for Multi-family Buildings

28 apartment communities across California will be equipped with 240-Volt Level 2 electric car charging stations.

Published: 31-Jan-2014

WALNUT CREEK, CA - Sequoia Equities, Inc., a leader in multifamily investment management, and NRG eVgo SM, a wholly owned subsidiary of NRG Energy, Inc., are partnering to provide electric vehicle (EV) charging to 28 apartment communities across California.

California accounts for one-third of all electric vehicle sales in the nation and, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 11.7 million Californians live in apartment communities where EV charging options are a limited amenity. Knowing that EV charging can significantly impact a consumer’s choice of place to live, Sequoia has selected eVgo and their Ready for Electric Vehicle (REV) program, a charging solution specifically intended to meet the needs of multifamily properties, to deliver a dedicated charging option to residents. Each eVgo charger is assigned to a single driver for their personal use on their schedule to eliminate the inconvenience that occurs when multiple residents want to charge at the same time on a shared charger. The chargers are 240-volt Level 2 supporting the industry standard J1772 universal EV connector and deliver range at a rate of 12 – 25 miles per hour.

“NRG eVgo is proud to partner with Sequoia to bring easy, reliable and affordable EV charging to residents in these multifamily properties across California,” said Terry O’Day, vice president of business development for NRG eVgo in California. “The NRG eVgo Ready for Electric Vehicle program makes it easy for residents living in apartment communities to choose to drive an EV while eliminating operating costs, management and maintenance burdens for the property owner.”


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