PHOTO CAPTION: Cadillac ELR regarded as ' a strong early player in that nascent market for alternate-power luxury cars.'

Review: Cadillac ELR Luxury Electric Hybrid

Detroit Free Press' Mark Phelan reviews Cadillac's high-end luxury electric hybrid sports coupe.

Published: 30-Jan-2014

Most of what you’ve probably heard about the three-star 2014 Cadillac ELR extended-range electric car is wrong. First and foremost, it’s not a Cadillac version of the four-door Chevrolet Volt. It’s a legitimate luxury coupe with unique styling, a lush interior, a new wheelbase and suspension and much more.

The ELR I tested also consistently outperformed EPA projections for how far it could go on battery power alone despite sub-zero temperatures. Its lithium-ion battery proved more than a match for the polar vortex, keeping the car moving and its occupants toasty.

The ELR uses a version of the Volt’s drivetrain, but the two cars are otherwise very different.


Cadillac ELR Pre-production unit #1

Chevrolet IndyCar team drivers got first look of pre-production ELR #1 during tour of GM facility in Detroit.

2014 Cadilla ELR makes use of Extended Range Electric Drive found in Chevrolet Volt.

Todd Woody doesn't see the new Cadillac ELR offering much of a threat to Tesla's Model S, especially in terms of its EV-mode driving range.

Cadillac ELR is an electric hybrid with 35 miles or more of EV-mode driving range.

To improves reliability, shorten production time, and reduce costs, there are nearly 200 ultrasonic between the tabs of individual cells.


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