Scottish Clean Air Reforms Increase CO2 Emissions

Regulations to control air pollutants increases GHG emissions.

Published: 29-Jan-2003

class=bodyText>Sometimes you just can't win. The Scottish Executive has admitted one of its key attempts to reduce air pollution will cause more air pollution.

A new crackdown on oil refineries, power stations and factories forces them to cut emissions of sulphur and nitrogen, pollutants known to cause breathing difficulties. But an undesirable side-effect is to increase emissions of carbon dioxide, the main 'greenhouse gas' responsible for wrecking the global climate and causing floods.

The SNP, which first raised the issue in the Scottish parliament's transport and environment committee, wants an urgent review. 'You have to applaud efforts to reduce any pollution which damages health,' said the SNP's shadow environment minister, Bruce Crawford.

'But is it incredibly ironic that in so doing we are increasing the long-term damage to the planet. This needs to be reviewed to find a way of reducing pollution without increasing emissions of carbon dioxide.'



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