America's Smartest Cities Have Fewest Car Owners

The Atlantic finds a correlation between the education levels of American cities and the percentage of car owners.

Published: 30-Jan-2014

Think cars are over in America? We do.

The Atlantic has called "peak car"—not once but twice. We have repeatedly explained why young Americans "don't care about owning" a vehicle. We predicted a long-term decline of auto sales, and, in a dramatic moment, essentially announced "the end of car ownership," generally.

We had strong data. Perhaps we had strong biases, too.


Govec electric motorscooter cruises street in Germany.

Brian Palmer considers the greenhouse gas emissions of use a carshare service like Zipcar or Car2Go versus a motorscooter, petrol-powered and electric.

Ford Mustang was introduced in 1964, 50 years ago next year.

Data seems to indicate that young Americans are driving less and the steady decline since 2005 peak suggests our love affair with the car may be over.

Nissan LEAF electric car used in car-share experiment in Montreal's Plateau borough the summer of 2013.

Quebec-based Communauto wants to introduce electric carshare, similar to Autolib system in Paris, while competitor Car2Go would use gasoline or diesel smartfortwo cars instead.


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