PHOTO CAPTION: Honda MC-B electric micro-car

Honda Micro-Car Said to be Gaining Popularity in Japan

MC-B can be charged by solar energy and is part of the CO2-free city of Miyakojima program.

Published: 29-Jan-2014

With the cost of import fuels skyrocketing in many regions of the world, budgetary and environmental concern greet Honda’s solar charged MC-8 micro electric vehicle.

Granted, while the day of unlimited solar charged or direct photo-voltaic generated people movers may remain in the not too distant future, Honda of Japan and the City of Miyakojima, in partnership with Toshiba look to the viability of a Co2 free city.

Honda continues to develop new electric motor and battery technology in its quest for greater driven distance between charges. As demonstrated in the 2014 Civic EV and Accord Hybrid, battery charge capacity and technological advances in ‘charge controllers,’ equal greater distance between re-charge or in the case of the Accord, the gasoline engine engagement.


Honda Fit EV has official EPA range of 82 miles per charge.

Electric car will be demonstrated to the public and media during 'Charge Across Town' EV Week in in San Francisco on September 17 and 18, 2012.

2013 Honda Civic Hybrid uses lithium-ion battery instead of NiMH.

Consumer testing organization found that while the 2009 Civic Hybrid had the highest rate of battery replacements, other models are also suffering premature failures.

Honda Fit EVs now available at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

The new Honda Fit EVs are available to all Zipcar members ages 21+ for hourly reservations, starting from $8.75 per hour.


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