PHOTO CAPTION: One of 71 supercharger stations in the United States.

Tesla Completes US Transcontinental Supercharger Network

Supercharger network now enables LA-to-NYC trips, including scenic route across the Dakotas.

Published: 28-Jan-2014

According a recent Tweet from Tesla's Elon Musk, the electric luxury car maker now has completed the installation of some 71 Supercharger stations in the continental United States, with one string that effectively makes it possible to drive from Los Angeles to New York City.

Below is a Tesla-produced map that shows the current location of charging stations in the US. The LA-to-NYC leg oddly takes the long way around the Great Plains, crossing the Dakotas instead of the more direct, but perhaps less scenic, route though Nebraska (I-80) or Kansas (I-70). Presumably more stations will be located along those Interstate.

The current 71-station network is said to cover some 80% of the US population.

Tesla's US transcontinental supercharger network

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