PHOTO CAPTION: Agility founder, CEO Lawrence Marazzi with his company's Saietta electric superbike.

Royal Marine Launches Saiettas Electric Motorcycle

Telegraph profiles founder and CEO of Agility, creators of the Saiettas Electric Motorcycle.

Published: 27-Jan-2014

Many entrepreneurs cut their teeth at business school, or with a stint in venture capital. But Lawrence Marazzi, the founder and chief executive of Agility Global, credits his commercial nous to a spell in the Marines.

“A little time on the front line will do everyone a lot of good. It is the perfect training, really, to do a start-up,” he declares. “It taught me that you can take a small team and… outfight and outcompete much larger organisations. The key is the people, the spirit and the approach.

“Royal Marine Commandos are just people, but they are people who have made a set of choices and have decided to really use a higher level of personal drive and motivation to do something that really shouldn’t be possible.”



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