PHOTO CAPTION: Iran Khodra Runna to be offered with plug-in hybrid drive.

Iran Carmaker to Introduce Plug-In Hybrid Runna

FNA reports that Iran Khodro Powertrain Co. has completed development work on 'National Hybrid Car' plug-in drive train for use in Hybrid Runna, which will have EV-mode range of 70-80 km.

Published: 27-Jan-2014

TEHRAN - Iran Khodro Powertrain Co. (IPCO) has finished design and development of parts and components for hybrid Runna and the car will be presented in near future, Iran and the Middle-East's largest carmaker, IKCO, said.

"The National hybrid car project" is sponsored by IDRO (Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran). The purpose of this project is to solve the problem of air pollution in big cities," IKCO said in a statement.

Runna is a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), a type of hybrid vehicle and electric vehicle which combines a conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) propulsion system with an electric propulsion system.


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