London-to-Edinburgh In One Day By Electric Car

Three years ago, it took four days to make the 400 mile trip from London-to-Edinburgh; now it can take just a day.

Published: 25-Jan-2014

Actor Robert Llewellyn set himself the challenge of proving that an electric car could be taken from London to Edinburgh in a day and he’s been proven right. He and co-driver David Peilow completed the 450 mile trip from London to Edinburgh castle last night in a Nissan Leaf. They’re journey began at Marble Arch at 6.30am and contained plenty of stops at public charge points to top up the car’s battery.

Llewellyn is an electric car nut who has been planning this for a while but until now technology hasn’t been in line with the man’s vision. "I think the fact that it is now even theoretically possible is a big step. As we know, only three years ago it was incredibly hard unless you had a £100,000 car," said Mr Llewellyn.

Llewellyn and Peilow took advantage of a network of rapid chargers that can top the battery to 80% capacity in half an hour. If they had carried out the same journey three years ago, the same charge points would have needed six hours to produce the 80% charge.


Nissan LEAF taxis station outside St. Paul's Cathedral in London.

In 18 months, Padraig Daly has put 55,000 km on his Nissan LEAF e-taxi as part of trial program between ESB and his employer, National Radio Cabs.

Oxford University's Robotcar uses Nissan LEAF electric car.

Rather than using GPS, Oxford's robotic Nissan LEAF electric car uses 3D lasers to learn the surroundings and take over driving if the driver desires.

A Nissan LEAF painted in NYC Yellow Cab colors.

Battery range has degraded by as much as half in some taxis, which is also impacting fast charging, turing a 15-minute operating into a 40 minute one, forcing drivers to sometimes refuse longer fare rides.


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