Tesla Motors 'Snowplows' Way for BMW's i-Series Electric Cars

While BMW's Ludwig Willisch, the company's North America CEO, says the company isn't targeting its US competitor, he does acknowledge Tesla's role in raising public awareness of electric car technology.

Published: 25-Jan-2014

NEW ORLEANS -- Quick now: If your automaker were launching a stylish, premium electric vehicle -- or a plug-in hybrid -- chock-full of new tech, who would your main competition be?

Might it be the only EV maker of note to survive that segment's shakeout? You know, the company that attracts headlines about twice a week.

Tesla, in other words?


BWM i3 carbon fiber body shell

BMW and Toyota will also jointly develop lightweight carbon fiber technologies for vehicle bodies.

BMW i3 on display at 2013 North American International Auto Show.

Test drive of BMW's i3 finds it is 'shaping up to be a breakthrough electric car. It delivers dynamic thrills like no electric car before it. '

BMW i3 electric car.

The automaker found that range was only a problem with about 10 percent of daily trips, so it is planning to make available its conventional cars as temporary loaners for customers who buy the i3 electric car


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