Electric Trucks, Buses Can Help Reduce Urban Air Pollution

Margaret Gordon OpEd endorses California Governor Jerry Brown's initiative to put more electric vehicles on the road, but also wants more of them to be logistics and transit vehicles, which are heavy urban air polluters.

Published: 24-Jan-2014

I live in West Oakland. From my apartment window in a two-story affordable-housing complex, the sounds of passing BART trains add to the other impacts of living on 7th Street, especially the trucks from the U.S. Postal Office Distribution Center and Port of Oakland, less than a mile away, that pass 24 hours a day.

In the two decades I've lived in West Oakland, I've had nearly one neighbor a year die of some form of cancer. Children in my neighborhood are seven times as likely to be hospitalized for asthma than those in other parts of Oakland - one of the highest rates in California. I suffer from asthma myself.

It probably doesn't surprise you that I don't drive a Tesla electric sports car. So why would a person like me care that Gov. Jerry Brown wants to invest millions of dollars this year to put more electric vehicles on California's roads?


EDI-developed Class 4 Medium Duty Truck is powered by combination of compressed natural gas and electric drive.

Combining compressed natural gas-fueled engine with electric drive results in a 300 percent improvement in effective MPG over base line CNG truck.

DHL prototype delivery drone.

AMP Electric Vehicles proposes using its electric delivery vans in combination autonomous drones to improve the speed and efficiency of local package delivery.


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