Solar Will Make Fossil Fuels, Nuclear Obsolete by 2030

Stanford University professor Tony Seba is working on his next book that predicts decentralized energy generation will replace centralied power generation.

Published: 24-Jan-2014

(Editor’s note: We’ve followed this story with another one – Solar Storage means “game over” for traditional utilities - quoting the head of the US utilities commission and the former Energy Secretary).

Several years ago, Tony Seba, an energy expert from Stanford University, published a book called Solar Trillions, predicting how solar technologies would redefine the world’s energy markets and create an investment opportunity worth tens of trillions of dollars.

Most people looked at him, he says, as if he had three heads. That was possibly because the book was written before the recent plunge in the cost of solar modules had taken effect, and before most incumbent utilities had woken up to the fact that solar – even with minor penetration levels – was turning their business models upside down.


Australian solar radiation levels.

Ronald Brakels compares coal power in Australia and solar energy based on their physical diffusion, and it turns out coal is more diffuse than solar energy.

Solar Impulse HB-SIA being disassembled for flight from Switzerland to Moffatt Field in San Francisco.

Solar-powered airplane is being assembled in California for cross-country flight to New York City starting in May with first good weather window.

Solar Impulse landing after test flight in California.

Two-hour practice flight out of Moffatt Field is in preparation for Across America solar flight set to commence May 1st.


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