PHOTO CAPTION: Smart ED can be leased for as little as $139/month.

Test Drive: Smart ForTwo Electric Drive

With the launch in May 2013, Smart has delivered 923 electric drive versions, or some 10% of all Smart ForTwos sold.

Published: 23-Jan-2014

With minimal changes from the model launched last year as the least expensive electric car in the U.S., the 2014 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive remains the smallest and shortest plug-in electric car sold in the U.S.--as well as the only one offered as a convertible.

The two-seat electric Smart comes not only as a three-door hatchback but also as a Cabriolet model with a folding cloth roof that can be rolled back partway like a large sunroof, or dropped all the way down to sit in a pile at the rear of the car just behind the driver's shoulders.

It may be winter now, but if you're craving open-air motoring when the sun shines--and want to keep it all-electric--the Smart Electric Drive is your sole option.


smart electric car plugged into Amsterdam's charging network.

If electric cars finally catch on, it'll first be in Holland, a small country with high petrol prices and a long tradition of environmental activism.

smartED similar to those being used on the 11-city tour.

smart will be introducing electric drive cabriolet model along with coupe starting in May 2013.

Smart Fortwo will now be offered with a battery leasing option.

97 percent of European Smart Fortwo Electric Drive customers are choosing to lease the battery, rather than buy it outright.


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