Tesla Supercharger Network Now Reaches 80 Stations in US, Europe

By the end of 2014, Tesla expects to have charging stations within driving range of 80% of the U.S. population.

Published: 23-Jan-2014

Remember Tesla Motors' humble days back in September 2012? Shares were trading around $30, quarterly Model S sales had just begun, and Tesla's Supercharging network had just six stations. A gain of 475% later, the story is quite different. In Q4, Tesla sold 6,900 vehicles, and it's now exporting vehicles overseas.

Today, there's no turning back. Tesla has ambitious plans to expand internationally. This is more evident than ever in its recent progress update on its Supercharger network.

A journey from 6 to 80
Tesla's mission is ambitious.


Tesla Model S production line in Fremont, California.

400 unit per week production is more than Mercedes-Benz or BMW sells of their flagship S Class and 7 Series cars respectively in the United States.

Tesla Model S showed rapid battery discharge rates driving along Interstate95 between Washington, D.C. and Norwich, Connecticut.

John Broder finds himself stalled short of a charging station in Connecticut in his first cross-country drive of a Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S similar to one driven by NY Times reporter John Broder.

Grist's David Roberts argues that instead of obsessing over 'widget' solutions to our energy and transportation problems, we need to rethink the entire system.


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