PHOTO CAPTION: Cadillac ELR will run leessees $699 a month, plus a $5,999 deposit.

Cadillac ELR Lease Terms Announced

Full cost of the 39-month, 32,500 mile lease will total a whopping $33,260 , plus 25¢ per additional mile.

Published: 21-Jan-2014

In response to the overwhelmingly negative reaction to the Cadillac ELR’s price tag of $75,000, General Motors has decided to offer those interested in the plug-in hybrid an ‘ultra-low mileage lease’.

The 39-month deal requires a $5,999 deposit and monthly payments of $699. Current owners of anything from General Motors, however, can pay a discounted deposit of $4,999.

It means that those who stay within the mileage limit will pay a total of $33,260, although a miserly total mileage limit of just 32,500 miles and a high charge of 25¢ per additional mile means that most will pay more. Could you manage a weekly average of 208 miles or less?


Cadillac ELR Pre-production unit #1

Chevrolet IndyCar team drivers got first look of pre-production ELR #1 during tour of GM facility in Detroit.

2014 Cadilla ELR makes use of Extended Range Electric Drive found in Chevrolet Volt.

Todd Woody doesn't see the new Cadillac ELR offering much of a threat to Tesla's Model S, especially in terms of its EV-mode driving range.

Cadillac ELR is an electric hybrid with 35 miles or more of EV-mode driving range.

To improves reliability, shorten production time, and reduce costs, there are nearly 200 ultrasonic between the tabs of individual cells.


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