PHOTO CAPTION: Tesla Model X on display in Detroit.

Will Model X Send Tesla's Stock Price Even Higher?

Q4 2013 share prices exceeded expectations by 20 percent, helping return TSLA into the $170 range.

Published: 21-Jan-2014

The Tesla stock price has been rising rapidly lately, with TSLA currently standing right around $170, which means it’s up almost four percent for the day.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a Tesla Model S recall threatened the Tesla stock price but Elon Musk managed to shoot down any rumblings over those issues.

Fourth quarter sales of the Tesla Model S beat expectations by 20 percent, selling 6,900 vehicles which was a 25 percent improvement over even the last quarter. Robert W. Baird analyst Ben Kallo upgraded the stock to “Outperform,” saying the target price for the Tesla stock is $187.


Tesla Model S production line in Fremont, California.

400 unit per week production is more than Mercedes-Benz or BMW sells of their flagship S Class and 7 Series cars respectively in the United States.

Tesla Model S showed rapid battery discharge rates driving along Interstate95 between Washington, D.C. and Norwich, Connecticut.

John Broder finds himself stalled short of a charging station in Connecticut in his first cross-country drive of a Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S similar to one driven by NY Times reporter John Broder.

Grist's David Roberts argues that instead of obsessing over 'widget' solutions to our energy and transportation problems, we need to rethink the entire system.


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