Trends Indicate Continuing Fall in Battery Prices

Zachary Shahan compiles a short bibliography of articles since 2010 showing the continue drop in electric car batteries.

Published: 20-Jan-2014

ABB’s director of electric vehicles (“e-mobility,” as it’s called in Europe), Hans Streng, recently wrote a pretty popular piece on how fast electric vehicle battery prices are coming down and how much that’s going to transform the auto and energy markets. Our readers asked for more details following the repost, especially regarding the statement that “battery prices are dropping by 20-30% each year.” So, I reached out and got the following response (slightly edited):

Don’t expect any gradual effect in the e-mobility industry. Volumes increase exponentially and prices decline exponentially.

Here are recent price movements as reported by different media.


Boeing 787 Dreamliner is first commercial jet to make extensive use of lithium-ion batteries.

While carmakers have worked for lithium batteries for several years, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is the first commercial aircraft to use them and the government is still adapting to the technology.

Battery researcher testing materials.

Battelle and Vorbeck Materials Corp. pen commercial licensing agreement to utilize Vor-X graphene technology to market for use in consumer portable electronic and medical devices, tools and electric vehicles.

Toyota Energy Management System can store 10 kWh of energy and weighs 2,160 lbs.(980 kg).

The first systems will go on sale this April and will tip the scales at 2,160 pounds – almost as much as a 2012 Prius.


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