PHOTO CAPTION: Actor Robert Llewellyn with Nissan LEAF.

London-to-Edinburgh: Electric Car Race Replay

David Peilow and actor Robert Llewellyn will attempt to make London-to-Edinburgh run in ten hours, highlighting the vastly expanded EV infrastructure now available in the UK.

Published: 18-Jan-2014

The BBC's relationship with electric cars and its reporting on them have been under scrutiny before, but perhaps no more so than when journalist Brian Milligan took a Mini E electric car from London to Edinburgh just over three years ago.

Brian managed to make a right mess out of the journey, by using a very limited prototype Mini E as his example of electric motoring— which couldn’t even use available rapid chargers—he managed to make the journey a whole lot harder than it need be, taking a staggering four days to complete.

That alone angered EV supporters who knew that the two-seat Mini E, with an estimated driving range of 109 miles and at least a six hour charging time, was far from the best available electric car.

In response, EV advocate David Peilow left London in his Tesla Roadster two days after Brian and made it to Edinburgh before him.


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