PHOTO CAPTION: Nissan LEAF (background) with ESFLOW Concept Sport EV (foreground).

Nissan Working on Next Generation Electric Sports Car

Nissan global design chief Shiro Nakamura talks about the thinking going into the design of a 'flamboyant, all-electric sports car.'

Published: 17-Jan-2014

Forget the Nissan Leaf's pragmatic green buyers for the moment. Nissan has big electric-car ambitions, and it's no secret that they go well beyond the automaker's Leaf hatchback.

Part of those ambitions still involve a flamboyant, all-electric sports car in the near futureā€”a project that we asked the automaker's global design chief Shiro Nakamura about in a recent Detroit Auto Show interview.

The Leaf doesn't have a particularly daring design, concedes Nakamura, because the company wanted to expand the market and make people comfortable with EVs.


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