World Sleepwalking Into Global Energy Crisis, Says U.S. Army Officer

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel L. Davis reports that a deeper look at oil and gas production data reveals 'our current course cannot continue without significant risks.'

Published: 17-Jan-2014

A conference sponsored by a US military official convened experts in Washington DC and London warning that continued dependence on fossil fuels puts the world at risk of an unprecedented energy crunch that could inflame financial crisis and exacerbate dangerous climate change.

The 'Transatlantic Energy Security Dialogue', which took place on 10th December last year, was co-organised by a US Army official, Lieutenant Colonel Daniel L. Davis, in association with former petroleum geologist Jeremy Leggett, chairman of the UK Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Gas.

Participants, who addressed one another via video link, consisted of retired military officers, security experts, senior industry executives, and politicians from the main parties - including two former UK ministers. According to US Army colonel Daniel Davis, a veteran of four tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, and regular contributor to the Armed Forces Journal:


Guardian contributor Dr. Nafeez Ahmed

Director of Institute for Policy Research & Development Dr. Nafeez Ahmed warns the hype around the 'death of peak oil' is premature.

Richard Heinberg is a senior fellow with the Post Carbon Institute and author of 11 books.

Except from Richard Heinberg's new book, 'Snake Oil: How Fracking’s False Promise of Plenty Imperils Our Future.'

Industry sectors vulnerability to peak oil threat.

It would be a huge mistake to assume the shale oil and gas boom have solved America's energy problems, say authors of University of Maryland Peak Oil study.


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