PHOTO CAPTION: Tesla CEO Elon Musk gives President Obama tour of Space X facility.

Tesla's 'Audacious' Plan to Dominate the EV World

Automotive News' Mark Rechtin drills deep into Tesla's plans out to the year 2020, plans that will stretch its capabilities 'beyond its comfort zone.'

Published: 14-Jan-2014

In the past year, electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors has posted its first quarterly profit, quintupled its stock price, and won a near-perfect score from Consumer Reports for the Model S sedan.

Now comes the hard part.

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk wants the company's estimated 2013 U.S. volume of 20,000 units to soar to 250,000 -- and to 500,000 globally -- by the end of the decade. Such rapid growth would be unprecedented in the history of the automobile.


Tesla Model X's most unusual feature is its Falcon Wing rear doors.

First unveiled in 2012, the Model X makes its first appearance at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Tesla Model S production line in Fremont, California.

400 unit per week production is more than Mercedes-Benz or BMW sells of their flagship S Class and 7 Series cars respectively in the United States.

Tesla Model S showed rapid battery discharge rates driving along Interstate95 between Washington, D.C. and Norwich, Connecticut.

John Broder finds himself stalled short of a charging station in Connecticut in his first cross-country drive of a Tesla Model S.


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