Electric Hybrids Most Sought-After Models by 2019

KPMG’s annual auto survey finds that ICE downsizing will lead automotive technology trend, but plug-in vehicles will develop in parallel , including both battery and fuel cell drive systems.

Published: 14-Jan-2014

Plugged-in hybrids will be the most sought-after e-vehicles by 2019, according to KPMG’s annual auto survey. Technology leadership will dictate the survival of car-makers in the turbulent auto industry, it claims.

Plug-in vehicles are expected to attract the greatest demand of any e-vehicle in all markets, the report said. Fuel cell vehicles are also experiencing a rise in popularity, with 69pc of car-makers considering this technology as critical to future growth.

“Continuing consumer concern with fuel efficiency and pollution is urging auto-makers to focus on plug-in hybrid and fuel-cell technologies for the near future,” said Mathieu Meyer, global head of Automotive and a partner with KPMG in Germany.


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