Your Grandkids Won't Know What an ICE-age Car Is

Jordan Ecarma sees the sudden demise of GM's Hummer division as the harbinger of what will happen with other oil-dependent, Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles.

Published: 14-Jan-2014

The days of gasoline cars are numbered as electric becomes more prevalent, and your grandchildren may never know a car that doesn't plug in, according to a Forbes editorial.

As green vehicle options increase and people become more aware of emissions, cars powered by gasoline will soon go the way of the Hummer, which ran on copious amounts of gasoline and disappeared from roads around 2008.

Around that year, "suddenly it was no longer socially acceptable to drive a car that boasted about its fuel inefficiency," Forbes contributor Devin Thorpe wrote. Hummer sales fell 67 percent from 2008 to 2009, and the General Motors unit closed in 2010.


Laminar 3 being tested in virtual wind tunnel.

Designers from the around the world are constantly coming up with an amazing array of future vehicle designs. Here are four more of them.

Euro City in PostFossil Society as envisaged by Daimler AG’s Society and Technology Research Group.

Instructive illustration captures vision of a European city in 2030 where 'the age of automobiles competing with public transportation in urban centers is coming to the end of the road.'

Terra Fugia 'flying car' in flight runs on fossil fuels.

Brad Feld shares the musings of science fiction writer William Hertling on the future of mobility, circa 2030, one that includes electric vehicles, hyperloops, and finally cars... finally.


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