Ten Essential EV World Trends For 2014

Richard Lane speculates on developments we're likely to see in 2014, including the market breakout of electric motorcycles.

Published: 14-Jan-2014

The automotive seers at Navigant Research have drawn up a list of predicted electric car trends for this year. Wireless charging, Tesla under immense scrutiny, electric superbikes, automaker-state legal action, carsharing virgins: it’s all here. What’s more, the global electric vehicle market is predicted to grow by 86 percent in 2014 with sales of more than 346,000 vehicles. The rumblings of a battle for supremacy among the stalwart luxury brands of Europe and America’s upstarts will also intensify.

Navigant Research are usually pretty dependable, but these electric car trends are still only predictions. Smell bullshit? Then tell us below.

1 A rough ride for Tesla Motors?



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