PHOTO CAPTION: Peugeot 30008 Hybrid4 is one of four PSA models using its diesel-hybrid drive train.

French Carmaker PSA Sells 50,000th Diesel-Hybrid

The Hybrid4 drivetrain found in four PSA Peugeot Citroen models offers fuel consumption 35% better than similar-sized diesel engine alone.

Published: 12-Jan-2014

PSA Peugeot Citroën now ranks second in hybrid vehicle sales in Europe, with over 50,000 diesel hybrid vehicles sold since their launch. HYbrid4 diesel hybrid technology, launched in a world premiere at the start of 2012, has been introduced on the Peugeot 3008 and 508 HYbrid4, the 508 RXH and the Citroën DS5 Hybrid 4. In Europe, one Citroën DS5 out of three, one Peugeot 508 out of four, and one Peugeot 3008 out of five leaving showrooms now feature diesel hybrid technology.

HYbrid4 technology is a full-hybrid powertrain combining the road performance of the 2.0-litre HDi DPF diesel engine (163 hp) in the front and the efficiency of an electric motor (37 hp) in the rear. This winning combination translates into a thoroughly enjoyable hybrid that offers a dynamic driving experience thanks to its 200 hp engine, four-wheel drive, electric mode for city driving and acceleration boost.

While maintaining performance levels, HYbrid4 also marks a genuine breakthrough in terms of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, which start at 3.3 litres per 100 kilometres and 85 grams per kilometre. Comparatively speaking, Hybrid4 uses 35% less fuel than a similar-sized diesel engine.

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