PHOTO CAPTION: 2015 Bentley luxury SUV; the 2017 model will get electric hybrid option.

Bentley Plans Plug-In Electric Hybrid SUV for 2017

The luxury car maker will use system similar to that found on the Porsche Panamera on its 4X4 luxury sport utility vehicle.

Published: 12-Jan-2014

British luxury car maker Bentley Motors is planning to introduce its first plug-in hybrid SUV in 2017.

The company will introduce its 4x4 as its first model followed by its saloon, coupé and convertible range with hybrid versions.

Bentley chairman and chief executive Wolfgang Schreiber said that The SUV will be the first Bentley hybrid because it's based on a new platform with new technology.


Bentley EXP9 electric hybrid concept would have EV-mode of up to 19 miles.

Paul Eisenstein finds that electric hybrid drives are finding their way into some of the best names in luxury cars at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

BentleyMulsanne electric hybrid concept would have EV-mode range up to 31 miles.

Mulsanne Hybrid concept showcases a drivetrain that will be fitted to company's luxury SUV in 2017

Bentley Hybrid Concept

The first Bentley to offer plug-in hybrid drive option is reportedly to be a SUV due out in 2017.


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