PHOTO CAPTION: GreenTech prototype of its planned larger passenger electric car.

GTA Announces Groundbreaking of Car Mississippi Car Plant

Much delayed electric car plant will break ground and when completed will built a larger sedan and the small, two-seat MyCar

Published: 09-Jan-2014

If you’ve been looking in the “Missing Project’s” folder for GreenTech Automotive’s Tunica plant, you need search no more.

After two years of delays and a federal investigation into enticements used to gain foreign investors for the plant, the McLean, Va.-based GreenTech says it will erect steel support structures for the facility and has invited the Mississippi media to Tunica to witness the event on Wednesday afternoon.

The maker of what it describes as environmentally friendly, energy-efficient vehicles says the plant’s entire exterior structure, including walls and roof, should be completed by the middle of March, allowing for the company to begin moving its production capability into the building.


Company co-founder Terry McAuliffe in MyCar electric car.

Neighborhood electric car manufacturer founded by Terry McAuliffe says it is cooperating fully with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission requests for information.

GTA MyCar electric car with Terry McAuliffe

Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research director Giorgio Rizzoni allegedly critical of performance claims of GreenTech MyCar.


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