PHOTO CAPTION: Volkswage e-Up! electric car has range up to 93 miles or 150 km.

VW e-Up! Electric Car Drivers Offered Use of Gas-powered Cars

Picking up on BMW's strategy, Volkswagen will offer its e-up! electric car drivers in Germany 'free" use of a conventional car for longer trips.

Published: 05-Jan-2014

VW has announced plans to introduce a scheme where owners of the e-up! city car will be allowed free use of a conventionally-powered vehicle for longer journeys. It’s available as part of VW’s ‘supplementary mobility package’ but is currently only on offer in Germany.

The idea of the package is to reduce the burden of the limited range associated with electric vehicles. The offer will allow owners to lease a larger or conventionally-powered vehicle for carrying bigger items or covering longer distances for up to 30 days of the year.

Currently available to new and current e-up! owners, buyers have up to three years after the purchase of the car to take up the offer. VW won’t charge customers a fee for the service but there is an undisclosed mileage limit before charges occur.


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