PHOTO CAPTION: Because of its pedals, this vehicle is considered an 'e-bike' though it falls closer to the motor scooter category.

Toronto e-Scooter Compromise Proposed

While 'pedelecs' would be allowed access to same paths as bicycles, heavier electric mopeds and scooters would be allowed on bike lanes only.

Published: 04-Jan-2014

City staff are recommending that electric scooters be allowed in Toronto bike lanes but banned from multi-use trails and cycle tracks, such as those running north and south on Sherbourne St.

“It is felt allowing e-scooter access to conventional bicycle lanes would provide a safer environment for these riders, instead of forcing them out of the bicycle lanes and having them mix with the faster moving automobile traffic,” says a report prepared by Transportation Services.

The report also suggests “pedelecs” — bicycles with pedals assisted by a somewhat lower-powered electric motor — be allowed wherever bicycles are permitted. All pedelecs and e-scooters would continue to be prohibited from use on sidewalks.



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