Getting Naked for Peace Isn't Just in Marin

Hybrid car owners to join peace march in San Francisco.

Published: 17-Jan-2003

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Nudes flash: A group of people in Santa Cruz have just done their own naked peace sign. Those wild women of west Marin started it, but it'll really be nude news when it happens in Hillsborough.

Unfortunately, due to the weather, Bush won't see a jiggly peace sign in Washington until spring.

Signs of the times and the high-tech place: If you're planning to carry a sign in Saturday's march against the war, there's no need to paint your own and haul it to the protest. You can reserve one on the Working Assets Web site ( and pick it up when you get there at no charge. So far, 300 of the group's 1,500 signs have been put on hold.

"Basically, we're trying to make it easier for people coming from the suburbs," says Becky Bond of Working Assets.



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