PHOTO CAPTION: Aerial view of Millbrook Proving Ground in England.

Testing Electric Cars, Hybrids at UK's Millbrook Proving Grounds

Millbrook Proving Ground's Alastair Wynn offers insights into how electric and hybrid cars are tested in Britain.

Published: 03-Jan-2014

With an increasing public perception of the benefits of driving more economically and efficiently, the demands for electric and hybrid vehicles continues to grow. However, despite the obvious advantages, there remain some challenges with these new technologies, such as the driving range, weight and size of battery packs, and performance on inclines.

In order to address these challenges, manufacturers are working closely with Millbrook Proving Ground in the UK to comprehensively test and develop their vehicles to ensure reliability, safety, and that customer expectations are met.

We talk to Alastair Wynn, senior durability engineer at Millbrook, to get an insight into the specific requirements of durability testing for electric and hybrid vehicles, comparisons between new technologies and traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, and where testing crosses over.


Tesla Model S electric sedan will benefit pedestrians and drivers alike with addition of alert sounds at low speeds.

Whoever wrote Tom Gara's headline about regulatory issues of giving electric cars a safety sound when traveling at low speeds, thinks the quietness of EVs is a 'national nightmare.'

Lord Drayson at the wheel of an electric car 'mule'.

Drayson believes 2013 will be a pivotal year for electric cars in the UK, with the launches of the Tesla S and BMW i-series.

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell

Governor McDonnell is proposing $100 per year fee on electric-drive vehicles, plus a $15 new car registration fee that ICE-age car owners don't have to pay.


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