PHOTO CAPTION: Kaylad-e Tricycle Concept

Electric Tricycle Concept Offers Cargo Carrying Capacity

Greek industrial designer Dimitris Niavis evolves original Kaylad tricycle into electric model.

Published: 02-Jan-2014

Before he heads off to do his compulsory one year of military service with the Greek Air Force, industrial design student Dimtris Niavis refined Kaylad tricycle into an electric-assist model that incorporates the ability to lean into the turn like a regular bicycle.

At present, it is just a concept, but a pretty real looking one based on the illustrations found on the DesignBoom web site.

EV World is in early talks with Niavis, who begins his basic training later this month, about possible areas of collaboration for our ePEDALER e-bike rental spin-off. A Kaylad-e with a 500-750W hub motor could be an ideal rental vehicle for older clients and those less comfortable riding a two-wheeled bicycle.

Vimeo Video

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