PHOTO CAPTION: Mercedes-Benz B-Class clearly served as design starting point for Denza EV electric car.

Denza Electric Car Revealed Sans Camouflage

New Denza electric car reflects strong Mercedes-Benz heritage.

Published: 01-Jan-2014

One glance and its obvious that the Mercedes-Benz B-Class sedan played a significant in the design of the new Denza electric car, pictured below in a photo found on the Benz Insider web site. The lines are unmistakable, but that's really what you would expect from the Daimler partnership with China's BYD, the company in which Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway owns a minority position estimated at some 10 percent.

Earlier reports say the car, which will sell for an MSRP of 400,000RMB ($66,000USD), will go on sale starting later this year. The partnership hasn't yet revealed many specs on the all-electric car. It's rumored that it will be powered by a 86kW (115 hp) permanent magnet motor. Range is estimated at 125 miles (200 km), likely using BYD's LiFePo4 batteries. Three of China's leading car dealership organizations will handle sales and service, according to a November 2013 press release.

BYD has begun selling its new Qin electric hybrid in Central and South America, but at this juncture, the partnership has no plans to market the Denza outside of China.

First non-camouflaged photo of Denza electric car, courtesy of Benz Insider web site

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Denza electric car prototype.

Denza electric cars are a collaboration between BYD and Daimler AG.

BYD Daimler New Technology Denza prototype on test stand.

BYD Daimler New Technology's Denza electric car is slated for world premier in April 2014 at Auto China Trade Fair.

Denza electric car coming off assembly line in China. Photo from Car News China.

Car News China publishes the most revealing yet photo of the forthcoming Denza electric car.


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