Pair of Electric Vehicle Tax Incentives End Today

US federal tax credits on electric car charge stations and electric motorcycles expire on December 31, 2013.

Published: 31-Dec-2013

Two government incentives aimed at spurring sales of plug-in electric cars and motorcycles expire with the start of the new year.

One gives a 30% tax credit to individuals for home high-speed electric car charging units, up to $1,000. The other covers 10% of the price of an electric motorcycle, up to $2,500, according to Jay Friedland, legislative director for advocacy group Plug In America.

The credits already expired once, but were reinstated by Congress last January.


Tesla Model S electric sedan will benefit pedestrians and drivers alike with addition of alert sounds at low speeds.

Whoever wrote Tom Gara's headline about regulatory issues of giving electric cars a safety sound when traveling at low speeds, thinks the quietness of EVs is a 'national nightmare.'

Lord Drayson at the wheel of an electric car 'mule'.

Drayson believes 2013 will be a pivotal year for electric cars in the UK, with the launches of the Tesla S and BMW i-series.

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell

Governor McDonnell is proposing $100 per year fee on electric-drive vehicles, plus a $15 new car registration fee that ICE-age car owners don't have to pay.


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