PHOTO CAPTION: BMW i3 on display at Los Angeles Auto Show. Photo by Noel Adams.

Did Actress Anne Hathaway Really Buy A BMW i3?

Academy-award winning actress enjoys a spin around LA in BMW's new electric city car, but did she actually buy it? Probably not. Here's why.

Published: 31-Dec-2013

For readers who might not be aware of this fact, car companies maintain small numbers of what are called press cars. These are new model vehicles they loan out to reporters and bloggers who they want to drive the car and then write about it, hopefully favorably. For a few gallons of gasoline, they get some free publicity and the writer gets a new car to drive every week or so. Those fleets tend to be concentrated in larger metro areas: New York, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles.

So, it's not all that surprising that when a member of the Hollywood paparazzi tailing actress Anne Hathaway caught her and her husband, Adam Shulman, tooling around LA in a new BMW i3 electric car, the more uninformed members of the media jumped to the conclusion the couple had bought the car, which at the moment is only available in Europe. One even commented that Ms. Hathaway had had it shipped to Los Angeles.

However, a closer examination of the photo in question reveals a number '27' on the upper righthand corner of the car's windshield, clearly suggesting that this is a BMW fleet car, probably one of the dozen that it made available for media drives - including EV World correspondent Noel Adams- during the LA Auto Show this past November.

[Dukes of] Hazarding a guess here, it's probably safe to assume that BMW is loaning some of those i3s it has in LA to various celebrities, including the Shulmans, prior to the car officially going on sale in United States next Spring.

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