Pre-Wiring Santa Clara New Homes for Electric Car Chargers Saves Owners $1,800

Santa Clara County in California passed a new building code that requires all new homes and small businesses to be pre-wired for 240V Level 2 electric car chargers.

Published: 29-Dec-2013

If you plan to build a new home in Santa Clara County, California, you'll be required to lay out an extra $200 to pre-wire the house for the future installation of a Level 2 electric car charging station. The new ruling also applies to small businesses, including the county's wineries.

Level 2 AC charging allows an electric car battery to recharge in as little as 3-4 hours, depending on the state of charge and size of the battery pack. Builders and business owners, however, are not required to stall the charger itself. That will be left to the home owner. Rewiring a home after construction is estimated to run as much as $2,000, so the pre-wiring requirement, which translates into running conduit or cable and leaving a 30 amp circuit available in the breaker box, is a smart move.

The Silicon Valley community of Palo Alto passed a similar ordinance earlier this Fall.

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