PHOTO CAPTION: Spanish built Otocycle reflects retro '50s styling.

Retro Otocycle Aims to Capitalize on Growing Electric Bicycle Sector

It looks like the frame of a 1920's motorcycle, but this Spanish e-bike will set you back $3,700.

Published: 27-Dec-2013

One of the important trends spotted by Ford Motor Company in their 2014 trends report is what they call 'old school.' It's a wistful longing for an idealized past that finds expression in designs like the Otocycle electric-assist bicycle.

Designed and produced in Spain, the pedal-assisted cruiser resembles more a 1920's era motorcycle than a bicycle, and that's the point. The orange 'fuel tank' is actually the bikes lithium-ion battery, rated at 36V and 10.4 amp hours. That's reportedly enough for 26 miles of battery only operation, or up to 37 with rider pedal assist.

In a very real sense, the 250W electric motor and battery combination is the more human-scaled equivalent of a hybrid vehicle. Instead of a gasoline engine providing assistance, its the rider's leg muscles. This hybrid burns carbohydrates instead of hydrocarbons.

Top speed in electric-assist mode is regulated to 15.5 mph. The bike is highly customizable with various seat options, whitewall tires, LED headlamp and LCD cycling computer. It is at the higher end of the e-bike price range with a retail price of $3,700USD. However, if you live in the city, that's probably bargain compared to paying monthly car parking fees.

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