PHOTO CAPTION: Prototype Copenhagen Wheel converts any bicycle into electric assist.

Copenhagen Wheel Developers Looking to Gear Up Production

Boston start-up Superpedestrian is confident enough in its electric bicycle wheel motor and planning to move beyond the initial 1,000 units.

Published: 05-Dec-2013

At first glance, this square-faced building about a mile from the MIT campus doesn’t look like the kind of place that’s fixing the future of urban transportation. Not until the doors swing open and a guy zips into the street, piloting a bike that sports a big red disc affixed to the rear wheel.

This is the headquarters of Superpedestrian, a small company producing a new kind of electric-motor bicycle kit licensed from the urban futurists and engineers just down the street at MIT.


Zero Motorcycles sales should benefit from extension of tax credit for another year.

Various tax credits, including those on electric motorcycles extended another year.

nCycle electric-assist bicycle concept.

While still just a concept on a computer hard drive, nCycle includes innovations like the handlebar that doubles as the bike lock, built in LED lights, storage for laptop and folding design.

Polarius-branded electric-assist bicycle.

ding! Bikes using Downtown Winter Park Farmer's Market to demostrate brands of electric-assist bicycles to local residents.


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