Toyota Cancels RAV4 EV Program In California

Official announcement on Toyota.Com web site.

Published: 12-Jan-2003

Toyota Motor Corporation will discontinue production of the RAV4 Electric Vehicle worldwide in the spring of 2003. Therefore, Toyota will no longer take orders for the RAV4 EV in the retail market in California. However, Toyota will honor all orders made on the RAV4 EV internet order system and finalized with a deposit at a dealership.

Toyota wishes to offer a sincere "thank you" to our customers who purchased or leased a RAV4 EV. As always, customer satisfaction is our highest priority and we hope that your experience in owning a Toyota electric vehicle will continue to be positive. We understand you may be concerned about Toyota's commitment to your investment. Please be assured, Toyota will continue to ensure that dealers capable of servicing RAV4 EVs are located in each major metropolitan area in California throughout the 5-year powertrain warranty period of your vehicles.

We also understand that many of our customers and supporters may have questions about the discontinuation of RAV4 EV production and sales. The linked Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) will provide answers to many of these questions. We plan to update this list periodically as new questions about RAV4 EV arise.

Once again, thank you for your interest in the RAV4 EV.

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