PHOTO CAPTION: New York City's Citibike launched in the summer of 2013 with much success.

21st Century Trend: The Rise of Shared Mobility

Shared mobility, which includes carsharing and bikesharing, is the cornerstone of the sharing economy, propelled by converging trends.

Published: 23-Oct-2013

Bikesharing and carsharing systems were among the innovations in shared urban mobility discussed at this month’s Shared-use Mobility Summit in San Francisco. Photo by Richard Masoner.

The 20th century is a century of general, and the 21st century is a century of sharing.” – Lisa Gansky, author of the Mesh

Shared mobility is the cornerstone of the sharing economy, which is spurred by demographic changes, increased environmental consciousness, and the global economic downturn. Sharing maximizes the use of assets in our society while giving more people the access to the resources they need. The idea that “access trumps ownership” is increasingly popular reflects the explosive growth of shared mobility.


Able to lean into turns, this French-built narrow car carries two and is one of a number of sensible EVs designed for inner-city travel.

Cities and businesses are looking for ways to move people and goods more efficiently and sustainably including improving public transit and promoting greater use of bicycles.


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