Quantum Ships Second Portable H2 Unit

Unit designed for household use.

Published: 08-Jan-2003

IRVINE, Calif., Jan 7, 2003 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ -- QUANTUM Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc., (Nasdaq: QTWW) announced today that it has shipped a second hydrogen-refueling unit to a major automotive OEM (original equipment manufacturer) customer to support its pre-production prototype hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

QUANTUM has developed a line of portable and mobile 5,000 and 10,000-psi hydrogen-refuelers to support the emerging fuel cell vehicle market. These compact units draw hydrogen from either a commercially available gaseous hydrogen supply and "boost" the pressure of the hydrogen for delivery to the vehicle at the desired pressure; or from a high pressure storage cascade based on QUANTUM's ultra-lightweight, all-composite TriShield(TM) hydrogen storage tanks. These units are designed to ensure a complete fill of hydrogen using software-controlled temperature compensation.

QUANTUM's portable refueling units are designed to be consumer-ready based on simple and fully automated control systems. They feature an interactive touch screen, one-button operation, automatic shut-off, and incorporate multiple redundant safety mechanisms and fueling controls in compliance with protocols set by the California Fuel Cell Partnership. The units are also designed with a defueling capability, which is important to accommodate servicing the vehicle. They operate on standard industrial power supplies, without the need for utility connections or special installations.

"This marks QUANTUM's entry into hydrogen-refueling," said Alan P. Niedzwiecki, President and CEO. "The development of a hydrogen refueling infrastructure is key to wide-spread commercialization of the fuel cell vehicle market. Based on our core competencies in safely storing and controlling high pressure gases, system integration and packaging QUANTUM will play a major role in the development of the hydrogen-refueling infrastructure."

QUANTUM's refuelers are certified for use as refueling appliances by Germany's regulatory agency, TUV (Technischer Uberwachungs Verein), and meet the specifications of the California Fuel Cell Partnership. Certification agencies and industry specifications require the units to safely manage pressure, temperature and potential gas leakage issues with redundant safety features and thorough test and validation of components and systems.

QUANTUM designs, manufactures and supplies integrated fuel systems to original equipment manufacturers for use in alternative fuel vehicles and fuel cell applications. Our fuel systems enable cars, trucks and buses powered by internal combustion engines to operate on hydrogen, natural gas or propane. Our advanced enabling products for fuel cell systems are used in transportation and industrial vehicles, stationary and portable power generation, and hydrogen refueling products. QUANTUM's advanced fuel systems comprise the storage, monitoring, control, and injection of gaseous fuels to improve efficiency, enhance power output, and optimize emissions from fuel cell applications and internal combustion engines. More information about QUANTUM can be found on its website at www.qtww.com .

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