Toyota Looks to Keep Environmental, Economic Focus

Toyota unveiled two concepts that illustrate the company's commitment to producing more environmentally friendly vehicles

Published: 07-Jan-2003

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By beefing up North American production capacity and developing environmentally friendly vehicles that don't skimp on performance, Toyota Motor Corp. is looking to grab a bigger share of the U.S market.

The company on Tuesday announced it will offer a new hybrid powertrain in the Lexus RX 330 within the next two years. The combination of a gasoline engine and electric wheel motors gives the V-6 the power of a V-8 while offering low emissions and high fuel economy.

The SU-HV unveiled at the North American International Auto Show by Toyota for its Lexus division represents the RX 330 that will be sold as a hybrid. The powertrain will be adaptable so it can be used on other vehicles with different power demands.



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