EV Charge Station Industry Moves Closer to Universal Access

Recargo's PlugShare app now allows payment on 300 SemaConnect charge stations across the U.S. and Canada

Published: 06-Oct-2013

Electric car owners could have an easier time accessing public charging stations thanks to an announcement made this week by Recargo. Its PlugShare application can now be used to pay for charging sessions on SemaConnect electric charging stations. While the announcement itself is fairly small scale, the ramifications are large if Recargo is successful at forging similar agreements with other charging networks.

The "Pay With PlugShare" feature is now available in the PlugShare smart-phone application. The company claims it is the easiest and most universal public charging system available. PlugShare is already the most widely used application for locating electric car charging stations. But now electric car drivers will not only be able get charging station locations, but will be able to pay for the charging session through the same application.

This capability is available today by using PlugShare at one of the 300 SemaConnect stations across the US or Canada.


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