Six Apps for Electric Cars

Smart phone apps for electric car drivers to help find charging stations and other services.

Published: 24-Sep-2013

Despite all their environmental benefits, 87 percent of consumers are still skeptical about electric cars, Consumer Reports found. People cite several reasons for their reluctance when it comes to electric vehicles, including price, reported safety concerns and range limitations. If you want to drive an electric vehicle, we’ve got the best electric car apps to enhance your driving experience:


GreenCharge enables you to check the range of the current battery before a charge is required. In addition, the app offers insightful metrics and battery data. Since this information can be accessed daily, weekly and monthly, you can effectively monitor your driving habits to further bolster your cost-saving efforts.


Like Facebook, PlugShare operates through a social network of electric-vehicle driving individuals. Through this network, drivers exchange information regarding the 18,000 electric charging stations that are stationed around the United States and listed in the PlugShare network.

EV Ping


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Toyota scales back production plans of its eQ electric car, focusing its efforts on widening its range of hybrid cars.

Rochester Institute of Technology president William Destler.

Bill Destler, president of Rochester Institute of Technology, lists six key reasons why electric cars will eventually be the vehicles we drive.

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Steve Davies sees hope for electric vehicles in the form of high-tech, supercars from Audi to Porsche.


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