PHOTO CAPTION: 94 of the 388 electric cars registered in Hawaii so far in 2013 are Teslas.

Electric Car Registrations in Hawaii See 100 Pct Increase Over 2012

The 388 EVs registered from January to June 2013 surpasses the total of 341 sold in all of 2012.

Published: 27-Aug-2013

More new electric vehicles were registered in Hawaii during the first six months of this year than each of the last five years, and nearly a quarter of those were made by Tesla Motors, according to the Hawaii Automobile Dealers Association.

Of the 388 electric vehicles registered in Hawaii between January and June, 94 were Tesla vehicles, a 100 percent increase from the same period in 2012. And three-quarters of those Teslas, or 72, were registered during the second quarter alone.

A total of 341 electric vehicles were registered in the state in 2012, a slight increase from 338 in 2011. There were just two such vehicles registered in 2010, and 15 each in 2009 and 2008.


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