San Francisco City CarShare Plans Electric BikeShare

25 City CarShare stations across San Francisco and Berkeley will also see the deployment of 90 electric-assist bicycles.

Published: 20-Aug-2013

Car-sharing is considered an environmentally friendly transit option, but in San Francisco there could soon be an even greener option than the signature Prius: electric bikes.

Ninety electric bikes — bicycles with motors to assist with heavy loads or steep hills — are slated for 25 City CarShare stations across San Francisco and Berkeley as early as January.

While electric bikes aren't a common sight on the road, they have a greater presence in bike-friendly San Francisco than in any other Bay Area city, said Dedrick Roper, City CarShare's electric bike-share project manager.


Protanium shaft-drive electric-assist bicycle.

Protanium shaft-drive offers better efficiency (92%) through direct power transmission.

Wisper electric-assist bicycles along the Thames Embankment in London, England.

German-made Grace will be offered in three model lines.

Optibike is electric assist bike

Colorado commuters finding the value and joys of riding electric-assist bicycles to work.


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