PHOTO CAPTION: Zero DS Sport model electric motorcycle similar to that ridden by the author.

Commuting on An Electric Motorcycle: Not As Bad As You Think

Wired's Damon Lavrinc discovers that for commuting and running small errands, riding his Zero DS electric motorcycle 'doesn't suck so bad after all!'

Published: 04-Aug-2013

I discovered this simple fact of life a few days after taking delivery of a Zero DS, the electric motorcycle that I’ve decided to make my sole form of transportation for six months. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I was reconsidering my experiment in electrification during a ride to my mom’s place.

It’s a trip of 65 miles. Totally a piece of cake for internal combustion. But that kind of distance, at freeway speeds, on an electric motorcycle teaches you the definition of range anxiety.

By the time I rolled into mom’s driveway, I was down to one blinking bar on the “fuel” gauge. I plugged in, spent a few hours doing my filial duty, then rode to a friend’s place across town. I immediately plugged in and shot the breeze for an hour, then hit the road for home.


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